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    Default E-Cigarette Differences

    We're trying to get my father to quit smoking, but for now we're compromising on e-cigarettes. They failed him the first time, but we think it is because of this information, so I thought it was an interesting read for anyone eyeing them/using them/knows someone who is.

    - The nicotine does not absorb as fast nor in the same way as cigarette smoke
    - You need you smoke an e-cigarette longer--both on the inhale (which is closer to a cigar than a cigarette) and in length of time overall
    - You need to inhale slower and gently to deliver the maximum amount of nicotine to the system vs pulling harder

    Anyways, I don't think these things are 100% safe or anything.. but I know they are much safer than what my dad has been doing.. and I thought it was pretty cool information regardless.
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    They also smell really good.

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