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    Default Single-Atom Writer a Landmark for Quantum Computing

    Just stumbled upon this by random, I wondered how this field was going, seems like quantum computing isn't too far ahead

    What say you @ygolo
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    I've known about the method they were to use to do this, I'm surprised to learn they are just now getting around to actually achieving it.

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    The fact that atoms are incredibly hard to work with is a big contributor to what slows this down.

    It's fairly trivial to read/write something digitally on the macro level, but atoms are ridiculously tiny. The kind of computer you're using now probably uses over a million atoms to store a bit.

    It was a big deal when they got it down to 12 atoms a while back.

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    Since I was asked for my opinion directly, I think this could prove to be huge. Someone I consider wise once told me that when scientists achieve something, then its just research, but when engineers are called in to accomplish something, that means someone somewhere wants to make product. Basic R&D goes through what is widely regarded as a "valley of death" before it becomes mainstream.

    Two major things to make note of here:
    1) The qubit used a single atom (this is a big deal, as has been pointed out), and shows how small we can actually get storage.
    2) The qubit was made in silicon (perhaps not as much a big deal has been made of this). The fact that the substrate is silicon means that is more likely that someone will find a way to integrate qubits in our conventional ICs.

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