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Thread: Which webcam?

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    Default Which webcam?

    So, after visiting with my grandparents for awhile, seeing how animated they are, enjoying the interaction, it popped in my mind, that I'd like to still be able to see them when I move to the west coast. I think they'd get a real kick outta interacting with me on Skype every so often, actually.

    Their laptop is the same type I have- HP Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC, Windows Vista.
    (idk if that's even relevant)

    Anyway, I thought, "why not buy them a webcam/set it up for them before I leave?"

    I'm wondering which one I should get, that's low in cost, but can pick up good audio as well as video. The built-in mic on these laptops are utter shit, and I can't really imagine either of them wanting to bother with a headset.

    Any ideas/product recommendations, tech people?

    Thanks in advance,
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    You are so lovingly thoughtful.

    I have no real input, btw.

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    Learn here: Webcam 101 FAQ

    Compare prices/shop here: Cnet Reviews. Customize the left pane for price, and features. Per 101 FAQ, the higher resolution 1280*1024 [4:3 aspect ratio old squarish TV/monitors] shows cheaper results than the lower resolution 1280*720 [16:9 new LCD screens/movie-like]. Either one will work, also newer products might utilize better technology, i.e perform faster/better/higher quality for the same specs as an older product/achieve better results with less strain/cheaper price.

    Youtube often has product reviews, it can be useful to search for additional feedback, before committing to purchasing.
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    That is cool. I would have loved if my grandma had been up for skyping (or even touching a computer, like for email or something).

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    Anything Logitech should do you well.

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    I have Logitech web camera and it works just fine. The clarity of video is also very nice so you will not have any problems regarding that.

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    My Creative webcam works fine. It's about two years old, though. And I don't feel like digging around for the box to find out the exact model. Cost me around $100, though, while others cost a measly $20, so it must be pretty damn good. The more expensive something is, the better it is...unless it's gasoline.

    The webcam on my phone is pretty awesome, too, and it takes amazing stills. And I've got the Tiny Chat mobile app, and I'd love to try it out.

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