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    Cool Gringing/Biohacking

    I don't know if anyone on this site would be interested, but if so there are resources available for people interested in the transhumanist movement. As some of you may know, I recently went to the Extreme Futurist Festival in LA and ran into some cool people there. One of the most interesting groups there was the Grinders who are basically people who believe in experimenting on the self in order to make enhancements to human sensory systems etc in an effort to help us evolve beyond our natural limitations.

    Their main website is: where they have their mission statement and a list of various projects that they have developed/are developing and the bottlenose, the thinking cap, and the HELEDD which augment your sensory perception, concentration/cognition, and allow you to monitor/aggregate health data for your own use respectively.

    Bottlenose description:

    Thinking Cap:


    Yes, these devices are/will be for sale and:

    For any Cyberware (external) device, Grindhouse Wetwares guarantees that malfunctioning devices will be replaced up to 90 days after purchase without charge. If your device malfunctions up to one year after the purchase of your device, we will ship replacement parts to you and assist you through the repair process.
    Grinders are also really big on the implantable magnets to help sense electromagnetic fields and augment perception, however this does require that you cut into your finger with a scalpel and implant the magnet yourself (they can help you with the coatings you will need to protect your body from getting poisoned by the materials used, but it is to be noted that there is risk in case of injury and it will hurt unless you have access to anesthetics).

    One last resource, is a forum where you can request custom mods for yourself and there are people there who will help you if you are interested. One dude who is into the whole furry thing even wanted to be genetically modified with cat dna and while you may have difficulty getting advice on how to do something like that you will find people willing to help give you some kind of mod like the sense of smell of a cat or whatever. Anyhow, hope you find something useful here and come be a part of the future!
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    Slick! I think I could get into the haptic form of biohacking. My recent dive into microcontroller work would be the perfect platform to design such things too. Tight-fitting elastic bands or whatnot with the vibration motors inside would offer some choices of wearable inputs, and attaching them to wearable microcontrollers (e.g. Sparkfun's LilyPad, Adafruit's Flora, or an MSP430-based wearable in development by a guy at would drive the brain of it.
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    I just want a mnemonic device where I can store things in a way that I can easily remember.

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