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    Default IDE for PHP, recommendations?

    I'm installing Zend Studio (for PHP) right now, and I've got IntelliJ IDEA for Java, which I think is awesome. I really like the code intelligence, refactoring tools etc in IntelliJ IDEA. I think I'll work with both of the languages a lot in the future, and I'm looking forward to see some professional development tools for these languages.

    I'm beginning to use version control tools now. It does make the life easier.

    So what's a good PHP IDE for about a 100 bucks or under?

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    my co-workers use zend studio, eclipse pdt (most popular, I think) or vim/gvim.

    this is also handy Xdebug - Debugger and Profiler Tool for PHP

    and to derail the thread.. have you checked out the Zend Framework? only glimmer of hope in php ever (well, and php 6 if it supports namespaces...)

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