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    For all that we have done, as a civilization, as individuals, the universe is not stable, and nor is any single thing within it. Stars consume themselves, the universe itself rushes apart, and we ourselves are composed of matter in constant flux. Colonies of cells in temporary alliance, replicating and decaying and housed within, an incandescent cloud of electrical impulses. This is reality, this is self knowledge, and the perception of it will, of course, make you dizzy.

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    This is pretty cool but it more or less affirms the uncertainty principle rather than 'solving' it.

    It also seems like they are mixing up the observer effect into the uncertainty principle, when they are really separate things.

    The fact that they had to do a 'weak measurement' supports the principle - the more you can know about one property, the less you know about the other property - so they are basically getting around this by not knowing very much of the property at once.

    This actually supports the principle. They would not have to do this workaround if it were not true. It just means that they might have to rephrase it a bit.

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    I've been reading articles like this since 2004 that were written in '93

    My guess is, is that 'exact' location will evade us, and we will only be able to massively parallelize our predictions.

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