Hi everyone, this isn't strictly technology related, but for my degree next year, I plan to do nanoscience as one of my majors. I'm fairly talented in science and I have the determination and drive to succeed, even if I don't know a WHOLE lot about the world in general yet, having not really had a chance to get out there and really experience it. I do know, however, that I'm creative, intelligent, a good problem solver and keen to try and solve some of humanity's problems (the ones that can be) through the use of science and technology.

Because this is my aspiration, I've entered for a scholarship called the 'AMP Scholarship' which is hosted in my country (New Zealand) by a finance company called AMP. There are several scholarships, and I've entered for all of them. One is called the 'People's Choice' Awards, and it is won by the applicant with the most number of votes. So I've come to see if anyone here would be willing to, or like to vote for me. Votes can be received from anywhere in the world.

If you want to vote for me, you can do so here:
But you will need a Facebook account to do so.

If you would vote for me, you would be helping me on my road to one day creating technology or scientific breakthroughs that might be mentioned here, on this forum, as news. Even if I don't win the People's Choice Award (which I don't expect to, because lots of people have WAY more votes!!!!!), the votes may count when the judges look at my submission for other scholarships, in which they decide who receives the scholarship. So any vote helps!!!! If you know anyone else who would like to vote for me, also please tell them about this!

Feel free to also look at my Facebook page, on Nanoscience. There's a link to it from my application, above, or you can go straight to it from here:

Thanks a lot!!!