It is common knowledge, that there is one existing species of Homo- Homo sapien sapien. Where are we headed? The three theories in my knowledge are:

1) Homo sapien sapien is at its evolutionary peak and shall remain unchanged. This theory has the least evidence to back it up, and ought to be discredited.

2) Homo sapien sapien is superadapted, and the next change in Global conditions (Climatic, Geographic) will bring about extinction of this species. I haven't found any evidence for or against this one.

3) Evolution of Homo sapien evolutis. The evidence- throughout prehistoric times, it is rare to find any less than two co-existing subspecies, one superior to the other. The autistic and the genius are suspected to be precursors to H. sapien evolutis.

I support the third. Your thoughts? Any more theories and arguments both for or against are most welcome.