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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikeitlikethat View Post
    I noticed a plot hole in Back to the Future...

    When Marty went back to November 1955 from October 1985, when he arrived, he should have been in outter space 'or somewhere, probabbly him and Doc's Time Machine's matter should have arrived to tragically be in the middle of some giant rock instead of the more likely; floating in empty space; Hill Valley, where Back to the Future's set, is fixed on an ever moving planet Earth; The orbit of the Earth, means that Earth is always moving around the Sun; So I just assume 'Good Science' Doc must have made that Flux Capacitor compensate for the ever spinning/orbiting Earth. So when it travels through time, it also travels to where the car left is at at the time it wants to go to.

    I'm thinking, since two things can't occupy the same exact space at the same time with out something giving up... If Doc's Time Machine and Marty where to find a big massive alien rock hanging around in November 1955 where in October 1985 Twin Pines Mall is; Then, apart from spelling death for Marty because, his matter arrived in a rock, I wonder, what will happen?

    Will the sudden push/introduction of extra matter into that space occupied by the rock cause an atomic type explosion or worse, rip the space time continuum? Idk...
    Very valid points.

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