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    Default Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Gaming.

    It already has $1 million in donations (4 times the asking amount,) and looks promising.

    Donate quite a bit and you'll get the prototype of the thing and Doom 3 (that works with it)

    Video in the link


    Maybe we'll start getting some very advanced virtual reality games (for cheap) sometime.

    Virtual Reality Dead Space, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, MW3, and loads of other games you've probably played would sound fun.

    Don't piss your pants playing Dead Space though.

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    i think something along the lines of better versions of google glasses would more easily allow for mainstream VR games, embedded reality or full screen. would be awesome if it could connect to Kinect or something like it, but kinnect requires visual basic /, and google glasses will probably run on a java virtual machine, so connecting the two can be difficult without any offical support. maybe kinnect would get a nice competing product. alterantively you can use the software for visual dot tracking (motion sensing through a regular camera) to track your hands and fingers within the google glass's view, basically requiring that you will keep your hands within your visual field at all times.. i can see that being frustrating.

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    Yeah, I'd be stoked if it delivers, 'cause playing DOOM 4 on it will be sweet.

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