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    Here's a list of the software I generally use:

    Avast! antivirus. (I put it on silent/gaming mode. I used to use AVG, but I was tired of getting false-positives.)
    Piriform CCleaner (Good for uninstalling things, setting startup programs, cleaning your registry...)
    Disk DeFrag (Defragment my pc every month or so.)
    SpeedFan (Used for monitoring my GPU's and CPUs' temperatures. Very useful program.)
    Winamp (I use this as my go-to media player. It handles most formats, I've used it forever, and like the interface. Global hotkeys are a godsend.)
    ffdshow (Used for synching audio and video files. I use it with Winamp)
    MSPaint (So I can draw pretty pitchurs)
    Calculator (Because I'm dumb/too lazy to do math.)

    I have Steam, but I really don't care for it. I usually just emulate old games or play more indie games instead.
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    Irfanview is a decent media viewer if you want something light and fast that supports a ton of file types. It has some basic editing and conversion functions, too. There is an active user base that develops plugins for even more functionality.

    I also use SumatraPDF as a lightweight alternative to Adobe Reader. It is purely a reader, though, with virtually no bells and whistles.

    As others have mentioned, Microsoft Security Essentials is a very nice anti-virus program. I switched from AVG Free about a year ago and never looked back. I even put it on all my wife's computers.

    In case you couldn't tell, light and fast are my preferred qualities in a program. I grew up when the 3.5" floppy was standard, and you needed programs that were highly functional without a ton of bloat. This is, for example, why I don't like Gimp-- it's a huge resource hog.

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    Bluefish is a pretty good editor for scripting and HTML and such.

    It's quite featureful, with line numbering, syntax highlighting (if it knows what you're working on, such as PHP) and has built in code snippets that you can insert with a click such as SQL queries and HTML tables.

    It also has bracket highlighting, marks the extent of brackets in the side bar, if you click near a closing bracket it tells you where the opening bracket is, and even has little + - buttons in the sidebar to collapse brackets in the view and get the stuff contained therein out of your way so you can declutter your view while working.

    It also lets you search and replace using regexes.

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    • Notepad++ - text editing at its finest. It has tabs and syntax highlighting and isn't totally bloated!
    • Paint.NET - Pretty much MS Paint on steroids, great for "a bit more than basic" image editing.
    • foobar2000 - Music, man. Configuring it is for dorks, but it's neat once you've got a good configuration in place.
    • vlc

    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    Still looking for a decent music system. I'd like to get one where you can put "tags" on music so that they can show up in multiple playlists without being copied a hundred times.. "Beefstickers -- Weasel pop. 'Work out'. 'Techno'. 'Pull up all of my angry music instantly'." If I could tag my songs and just click on the tags and have them show up that'd be more than enough for me.
    In foobar2000, I've got music tagged with multiple genres, separated by semicolons, that act as tags (e.g. "Metal; Punk; Crossover" or "Classical; Acoustic"). Bam, when I click on Metal, Acoustic, etc. all the songs that are tagged accordingly will show up. I could then copy that whole shebang over to an iPod if I had one.

    So, in any case, if you dream it--it's possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    I've used Inkscape, GIMP, Bluefish, Audacity, Open Office and... I think everything that @Qlip already said oddly enough.
    Same here, plus Thunderbird, Filezilla, QtiPlot, and I'm starting to play around with Octave.

    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    Bluefish is a pretty good editor for scripting and HTML and such.

    It also lets you search and replace using regexes.
    Do you mean the feature that lets you find/replace in a whole bunch of files at once, then save all? That saves so much time. Bluefish is amazing.
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