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    Default Devil's Breath (the worst drug on the planet)

    Is this real or mere urban legend?

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    The effects of scopolamine were studied by criminologists in the early 20th century. [18] In 2009, it was proven that Czechoslovak communist secret police used scopolamine at least three times to obtain confessions from alleged anti-state conspirators. [19]

    Criminal use and urban legends

    In 1910, it was detected in the remains believed to be those of Cora Crippen, wife of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen, and was accepted at the time as the cause of her death since her husband was known to have bought some at the start of the year. [20] Scopolamine poisoning is sometimes reported by the media as method by which people are raped, killed, or robbed, although some of these are unfounded rumors. For example, there have been rumors that robbers in the United States used a transcutaneous delivery mechanism involving business cards, pamphlets or flyers laced with the drug. The use of burundanga (aka scopolamine) impregnated credit cards to attack and to rob isolated people is often propagated by chain emails and some of these are reported as hoaxes or urban legends by specialized web sites. had an investigative report done and interviewed many people on this subject. They found it to be true. [21][22][23]
    A 2012 example claims small amounts are blown into victims' faces on the street to turn the victims into "mindless zombies". [24] Nevertheless, approximately one in five emergency room admissions for poisoning in Bogotá have been attributed to scopolamine. [25] In June 2008, more than 20 people were hospitalized with psychosis in Norway after ingesting counterfeit Rohypnol tablets containing scopolamine. [26] There have also been reports of tourists being robbed after having scopalmine slipped into their food or drink. Recently, these incidents have been reported in Thailand. [27]

    Interesting to say the least.


    Another link:

    It is really hard to find credible, sourced, and cited information on this. This piques my curiosity. Challenge accepted!
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    I recently watched a documentary about Scopolomine. Apparently it has a long history in Columbia where one of its earliest uses was to induce wives of tribal chiefs to be buried alive in their husband's tomb. Now the drug is virtually inextricable from its use in criminal activity. Some of the stories that were mentioned were beyond chilling from cases of people complicit in their own sexual assault to assisting robbers clear out their homes of valuables and bank accounts. Some people simply OD'ed. The drug is very real and very dangerous.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Columbian Devil's Breath[/YOUTUBE]
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