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Thread: The Car Thread

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    Yeah I'm engrossed in this site now, it's so cool! Thanks for showing me it.

    I can see that in Portugal in 1982 Michele Mouton was dominating with her Audi Quattro, and the Audi was the beast during that day - it was the car that started all these shenanigans. It was her second win.

    In 1988 in Portugal, Massimo Biasion won in his Lancia Delta Integrale, Lancia itself being the beast car during this time. In the the stages which were repeated from 1982 and that Michel Mouton was on, he was ever so slightly faster.

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    post them please. everything in detail

    Audi vs the rest too.

    so it took 5-6 years before the 1988 car beat the 1982 cars. that says a lot about the Speed they had in 1986. and alot about the Lancias handling too.
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    Viseu 1 25.96 km Mouton, Michele 17:17 90.12 km/h
    Viseu 2 25.96 km Mouton, Michele 17:38 88.33 km/h
    Coruche 20.27 km Mouton, Michele 11:34 105.15 km/h

    Viseu 1 20.80 km Biasion, Massimo 13:23 93.25 km/h
    Viseu 2 20.80 km Biasion, Massimo 13:34 91.99 km/h
    Coruche 20.30 km Alen, Markku 9:44 125.14 km/h <- another Integrale

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    @MatsNorway All the stuff

    SS1 Lagoa Azul 1 4.56 km Toivonen, Henri 2:20 117.26 km/h
    SS2 Peninha 1 6.36 km Toivonen, Henri 3:50 99.55 km/h
    SS3 Sintra 1 10.57 km Toivonen, Henri 6:54 91.91 km/h
    SS4 Lagoa Azul 2 4.56 km Toivonen, Henri Mikkola, Hannu 2:20 117.26 km/h

    SS5 Peninha 2 6.36 km Toivonen, Henri 3:50 99.55 km/h
    SS6 Sintra 2 10.57 km Toivonen, Henri 6:53 92.14 km/h
    SS7 Lagoa Azul 3 4.56 km Toivonen, Henri 2:18 118.96 km/h
    SS8 Peninha 3 6.36 km Mikkola, Hannu 3:49 99.98 km/h
    SS9 Sintra 3 10.57 km Rohrl, Walter 6:47 93.49 km/h
    SS10 Martinchel 1 9.17 km Rohrl, Walter 6:28 85.08 km/h
    SS11 Relvas - Lousa 1 22.73 km Mouton, Michele 19:01 71.72 km/h
    SS12 Candosa 1 6.60 km Rohrl, Walter Toivonen, Henri 4:57 80.00 km/h

    SS13 Salgueiro 1 16.83 km Rohrl, Walter 14:53 67.85 km/h
    SS14 Bucaco 1 11.44 km Mouton, Michele 7:36 90.32 km/h
    SS15 Relvas - Lousa 2 22.73 km Mouton, Michele 17:29 78.01 km/h
    SS16 Candosa 2 6.60 km Mouton, Michele 4:55 80.54 km/h
    SS17 Salgueiro 2 16.83 km Pond, Tony 13:36 74.25 km/h
    SS18 Bucaco 2 11.44 km Mouton, Michele 7:20 93.60 km/h
    SS19 Viseu 1 25.96 km Mouton, Michele 17:17 90.12 km/h
    SS20 Moes 1 11.00 km Mouton, Michele 6:45 97.78 km/h
    SS21 Viseu 2 25.96 km Mouton, Michele 17:38 88.33 km/h
    SS22 Freita 24.47 km Mouton, Michele 18:36 78.94 km/h
    SS23 Fafe 7.72 km Rohrl, Walter Mouton, Michele Pond, Tony 6:19 73.33 km/h

    SS24 Cabreira 26.40 km Mouton, Michele 19:29 81.30 km/h
    SS25 Marao 1 36.25 km Mouton, Michele 26:45 81.31 km/h
    SS26 Alto Espinho 1 21.17 km Eklund, Per 16:29 77.06 km/h
    SS27 Marao 2 36.25 km Mouton, Michele 27:19 79.62 km/h
    SS28 Alto Espinho 2 21.17 km Toivonen, Henri 16:23 77.53 km/h
    SS29 Armarar 9.56 km Toivonen, Henri 6:55 82.93 km/h
    SS30 Lamego 17.74 km Toivonen, Henri 10:42 99.48 km/h
    SS31 Moes 2 11.00 km Wittman, Franz 6:56 95.19 km/h
    SS32 Viseu 3 25.96 km Toivonen, Henri 17:30 89.01 km/h
    SS33 Arganil 1 41.63 km Toivonen, Henri 30:14 82.62 km/h
    SS34 Candosa 3 6.83 km Toivonen, Henri Mouton, Michele 5:16 77.81 km/h

    SS35 Lousa 1 10.63 km Toivonen, Henri 7:56 80.39 km/h
    SS36 Arganil 2 41.63 km Wittman, Franz 30:54 80.83 km/h
    SS37 Candosa 4 6.83 km Mouton, Michele 5:14 78.31 km/h
    SS38 Lousa 2 10.63 km Mouton, Michele 8:05 78.90 km/h
    SS39 Martinchel 2 9.17 km Mouton, Michele 6:39 82.74 km/h
    SS40 Coruche 20.27 km Mouton, Michele 11:34 105.15 km/h

    1st 7 Mouton, Michele
    Audi quattro FR G4 7h 39m 36s --:--
    2nd 8 Eklund, Per
    Toyota Celica SE G4 +13m 07s --:--
    3rd 18 Wittman, Franz
    Audi quattro AT G4 +27m 49s 0:10
    4th 10 Torres, Carlos
    Ford Escort RS1800 PT G4 +51m 22s 0:01
    5th 14 Coppier, Alain
    Citroen Visa FR B9 +1h 14m 35s --:--
    6th 19 Silva, Mario
    Ford Escort RS1800 PT G4 +1h 21m 36s --:--
    7th 48 Ferreira da Cunha, Antonio
    Opel Ascona PT G2 +1h 49m 33s --:--
    8th 27 Dorche, Christian
    Citroen Visa FR B9 +1h 56m 03s 0:06
    9th 59 Tabatoni, Olivier
    Citroen Visa FR B9 +2h 01m 00s 0:06
    10th 16 Fleck, Jorge
    Opel Kadett GT/E BR G2 +2h 01m 19s 0:06
    11th 61 Marie, Michel
    Citroen Visa FR B9 +2h 15m 11s 0:10
    12th 83 Segurado, Antonio
    Ford Escort RS2000 PT A7 +2h 17m 01s 0:04
    13th 84 le Masson, Jean-Yves
    Volkswagen Golf GTi FR A6 +2h 18m 15s 0:06
    14th 58 Neyret, Stephane
    Citroen Visa FR B9 +2h 32m 47s 0:05
    15th 25 Kawahari, Masaaki
    Datsun 280ZX JP G4 +2h 39m 23s 0:11
    16th 60 Marteil, Jean-Luc
    Citroen Visa FR B9 +2h 49m 18s 0:26
    17th 95 Tavares, Jose
    Datsun 120Y PT G2 +2h 58m 10s 0:12
    18th 79 Klein, Ewald
    Honda Civic DE A5 +3h 07m 06s 0:04
    19th 64 Mello Breyner, Manuel
    Peugeot 104 PT N +3h 13m 33s 0:15
    20th 72 Sturken, Nicolas
    Ford Escort RS2000 PT A7 +3h 17m 31s 0:11
    21st 56 Malherbe, Michel
    Volkswagen Golf GTi CH A6 +3h 30m 46s 0:24
    22nd 66 Mendes Pinto, Jose
    Honda Civic PT A5 +4h 04m 26s 0:28
    23rd 94 Guieu, Robert
    Peugeot 104 FR G2 +4h 17m 39s 0:43

    SS1 Estoril 11.60 km Biasion, Massimo Ericsson, Mikael 8:10 85.22 km/h
    SS2 Montejunto 9.60 km Biasion, Massimo 5:12 110.77 km/h
    SS3 Figueiro dos Vinhos 20.50 km Auriol, Didier 12:59 94.74 km/h
    SS4 Campelo 10.50 km Biasion, Massimo 7:13 87.30 km/h
    SS5 Serra de Lousa 25.00 km Auriol, Didier 15:02 99.78 km/h
    SS6 Prestimo 12.00 km Biasion, Massimo 7:43 93.30 km/h
    SS7 Vouzela 14.90 km Alen, Markku 9:44 91.85 km/h
    SS8 Oliveira de Frades 8.40 km Biasion, Massimo Auriol, Didier 4:45 106.11 km/h

    SS9 Freita 24.30 km Biasion, Massimo 15:56 91.51 km/h
    SS10 Arouca 22.30 km Biasion, Massimo 14:20 93.35 km/h
    SS11 Fafe - Montim 1 6.70 km Alen, Markku 3:53 103.52 km/h
    SS12 Fafe - Lameirinha 1 10.10 km Mikkola, Hannu Alen, Markku Biasion, Massimo 7:04 85.75 km/h

    SS13 Fafe - Lagoa 1 7.70 km Alen, Markku 6:05 75.95 km/h
    SS14 Braga 13.20 km Alen, Markku 10:43 73.90 km/h
    SS15 Arcos - Portela 26.60 km Mikkola, Hannu 18:27 86.50 km/h
    SS16 Sao Lourenco 26.50 km Mikkola, Hannu 21:38 73.50 km/h
    SS17 Fafe - Montim 2 6.70 km Alen, Markku 3:46 106.73 km/h
    SS18 Fafe - Lameirinha 2 10.10 km Alen, Markku 6:56 87.40 km/h
    SS19 Fafe - Lagoa 2 7.70 km Alen, Markku 5:57 77.65 km/h
    SS20 Cabeceiras - Sao Nicolau 13.60 km Biasion, Massimo 9:16 88.06 km/h
    SS21 Carvalho de Rei 10.90 km Alen, Markku 7:40 85.30 km/h
    SS22 Aboboreira 21.20 km Alen, Markku 15:58 79.67 km/h
    SS23 Armamar 9.30 km Loubet, Yves 6:43 83.08 km/h
    SS24 Covelo de Paiva 1 15.40 km Biasion, Massimo 9:45 94.77 km/h
    SS25 Viseu 1 20.80 km Biasion, Massimo 13:23 93.25 km/h
    SS26 Covelo de Paiva 2 15.40 km Fiorio, Alessandro 9:52 93.65 km/h
    SS27 Viseu 2 20.80 km Biasion, Massimo 13:34 91.99 km/h
    SS28 Sao Giao 1 17.60 km Fiorio, Alessandro 13:50 76.34 km/h
    SS29 Piodao 1 24.00 km Biasion, Massimo 17:32 82.13 km/h
    SS30 Arganil 1 22.40 km Biasion, Massimo 14:40 91.64 km/h
    SS31 Sao Giao 2 17.60 km Alen, Markku 13:40 77.27 km/h
    SS32 Piodao 2 24.00 km Biasion, Massimo 17:40 81.51 km/h
    SS33 Arganil 2 22.40 km Alen, Markku 14:22 93.55 km/h
    SS34 Amoreira 16.00 km Fiorio, Alessandro 13:22 71.82 km/h
    SS35 Vale de Ursa 7.50 km Alen, Markku 4:50 93.10 km/h
    SS36 Abrantes 15.30 km Alen, Markku 8:59 102.19 km/h
    SS37 Coruche 20.30 km Alen, Markku 9:44 125.14 km/h

    1st 4 Biasion, Massimo
    Lancia Delta Integrale IT A8 6h 44m 01s --:--
    2nd 9 Fiorio, Alessandro
    Lancia Delta HF 4WD IT A8 +8m 46s --:--
    3rd 7 Loubet, Yves
    Lancia Delta HF 4WD FR A8 +9m 22s --:--
    4th 2 Mikkola, Hannu
    Mazda 323 4WD FI A8 +10m 44s --:--
    5th 3 Blomqvist, Stig
    Ford Sierra RS Cosworth SE A8 +11m 38s --:--
    6th 1 Alen, Markku
    Lancia Delta Integrale FI A8 +12m 08s --:--
    7th 5 Weber, Erwin
    Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V DE A7 +23m 44s --:--
    8th 14 Amaral, Inverno
    Renault 11 Turbo PT A8 +27m 40s --:--
    9th 18 Bica, Carlos
    Lancia Delta HF 4WD PT A8 +33m 54s --:--
    10th 10 Recalde, Jorge
    Lancia Delta HF 4WD AR N4 +35m 55s --:--
    11th 26 Gaban, Pascal
    Mazda 323 4WD BE N4 +51m 57s --:--
    12th 31 Ortigao, Jorge
    Toyota Corolla GT PT A6 +53m 33s --:--
    13th 54 Mello Breyner, Tomaz
    Peugeot 205 GTI PT N3 +57m 47s --:--
    14th 44 Ferreira da Cunha, Antonio
    Audi Coupe PT A8 +57m 51s --:--
    15th 37 Fernandes, Ramiro
    Lancia Delta HF 4WD PT N4 +1h 08m 15s --:--
    16th 60 Leite, Jorge
    Renault 11 Turbo PT N4 +1h 21m 31s --:--
    17th 32 Stubbings, Simon
    Mazda 323 4WD GB N4 +1h 25m 02s 5:00
    18th 83 Lopes, Adruzilo
    Toyota Corolla GT PT A6 +1h 26m 54s --:--
    19th 59 Montagne, Dany
    Citroen AX FR A5 +1h 27m 42s --:--
    20th 43 Honrath, Horst
    Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V DE A7 +1h 29m 20s --:--
    21st 104 Goncalves, Vitor
    Peugeot 205 GTI PT N3 +1h 32m 15s --:--
    22nd 64 Viana Ferreira, Jose
    Renault 11 Turbo PT N4 +1h 35m 43s 8:00
    23rd 66 Neves, Filipe
    Opel Manta PT A7 +1h 45m 07s --:--
    24th 56 Almeida Santos, Antonio
    Toyota Corolla GT PT A6 +1h 46m 43s --:--
    25th 107 Silva, Fernando
    Toyota Corolla GT PT N2 +1h 50m 35s --:--
    26th 112 Carvalho de Sousa
    Toyota Corolla GT PT N2 +1h 54m 53s --:--
    27th 52 Jacques, Denise
    Citroen AX FR A5 +1h 55m 03s 5:00
    28th 93 Ahrens Teixeira, Jose
    Renault 11 Turbo PT N4 +1h 56m 16s --:--
    29th 111 Marques, Antonio
    Toyota Corolla GT PT N2 +2h 03m 04s --:--
    30th 97 Fonseca, Carlos
    Renault 5 GT Turbo PT N4 +2h 10m 00s 1:00
    31st 90 Veloso Amaral, Paula
    Renault 11 Turbo PT N4 +2h 13m 25s --:--
    32nd 61 Antonio, Jose
    Renault 11 Turbo PT N4 +2h 34m 41s --:--
    33rd 98 'Mabeco'
    Renault 5 GT Turbo PT N4 +2h 42m 35s 20:00
    34th 84 Tomaz, Manuel
    Vauxhall Nova PT A5 +2h 55m 41s 1:00
    35th 117 Pourrit, Alain
    Citroen AX FR N1 +4h 17m 30s 6:00

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    And on that note:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprinkles View Post
    Coruche 20.27 km Mouton, Michele 11:34 105.15 km/h

    Coruche 20.30 km Alen, Markku 9:44 125.14 km/h <- another Integrale
    These are the only one close enough on the distance that you might be able to compare. And to check that the times are not a result of bad weather i would look at the previous rallies so see if there was a steady progression to them.
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    SS43 Coruche 20.00 km Mouton, Michele 10:46 111.46 km/h

    SS45 Coruche 20.00 km Mikkola, Hannu 10:30 114.29 km/h

    SS47 Coruche 20.00 km Rohrl, Walter 10:18 116.50 km/h

    SS48 Coruche 20.00 km Ortigao, Jorge 11:52 101.12 km/h (bad weather?)

    SS37 Coruche 20.30 km Biasion, Massimo 10:19 118.06 km/h

    SS37 Coruche 20.30 km Alen, Markku 9:44 125.14 km/h

    SS39 Coruche 20.30 km Auriol, Didier 9:58 122.21 km/h

    SS38 Coruche 20.30 km Alen, Markku 10:02 121.40 km/h

    SS38 Coruche 19.52 km Biasion, Massimo 9:35 122.21 km/h

    SS36 Coruche 19.50 km Biasion, Massimo 9:33 122.51 km/h

    If you want to continue i found these stages to be promising
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    i like discobiscuit's entries better.
    we fukin won boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    i like discobiscuit's entries better.
    That's what she said!

    Oh wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocapszy View Post
    i like discobiscuit's entries better.

    Here's one more for ya!


    Those of you that read Rod’s editorial for this month will remember that he likes to think of Speedhunting as a verb. For anyone still confused at what this means exactly, let me add two adjectives that further describe Speedhunting: jet lagged and delirious. While this job is one of the more exciting occupations I can think of, it does come at a price, usually paid in full by the brain.

    Don’t think for a minute that I’m complaining, I’m a big boy and this is the career I have chosen for myself. It’s just a little strange to think about how the days and years and the events they hold come and go, seemingly interchangeably. As I sit here typing this story in Ohio, still recovering from a cold acquired from jumping too many fences, walking too many miles and getting entirely too wet at Spa, it seems as though Gatebil Rudskogen was several lifetimes ago.

    Over time the events, the plane flights, the lugging of camera gear and the sleepless nights all begin to blur into one giant stream of semi-consciousness. Perhaps this state of chronological dissolution is simply the human brain’s defense mechanism against an over-saturation of unbelievable stuff. But despite the cloudy recollection of time and dates, there is one thing that my mind’s card catalog can recall quite well – the cars.

    In particular when I see a very special car it seems to be permanently locked in my brain and I can remember it as if I had just walked away. These cars will continue to stick in my mind long after I’ve shot them, waiting to be recollected at another time. At Gatebil this was certainly the case for several cars, including Orjan Thorsen’s incredible Audi S2.

    In America it’s not too often that you see a modified Audi, and when you do they’re typically of the stanced air ride variety. Therefore you should understand my shock as I first laid eyes on this car when I rolled into Gatebil after sixteen hours of flying and a two hour drive through Norway in a GT86.

    It was the first car I can remember seeing at the event and the last one on my mind after leaving. Sitting perched atop a trailer, elevated into my line of vision above the train of cars waiting to enter, I could all but ignore it’s aggressive exterior. In my mind it was a good omen, a sign of great things yet to come for the weekend.

    Once we finally made our way inside Rudskogen motorcenter it didn’t take long before I decided to search for the red Audi. I knew I would probably encounter dozens of amazing builds over the next few days but I didn’t want to waste any time locating this one. It was automotive love at first site if you will.

    As the weekend would unfold I would inevitably find countless cars that blew my mind, but I had no regrets about spending my first hours in Norway with this S2. Unlike some of the cars I saw at Gatebil, this one was extremely well thought out and very well built; I think it will be cars like this that could turn the Scandinavian car scene into a global hot spot like Japan or America.

    The exterior makes it quite evident what the car’s intent is – going like hell. In the owners words, or at least translated ones, he tells me that he wanted to build a raw time attack car that could give the rest of the monsters at Gatebil a shock. I would say there is no question that this car does just that.

    Even standing still it’s quite an intimidating machine, but not in the stereotypical-Gatebil-chopped-up-and-rebuilt-in-a-shed way. Yet it was in fact built in a shed, but with extreme care. I’d go so far as to say it nearly looked as though it were and ex-factory racer. Virtually the entire body is now either carbon or glass fiber with a full widebody kit, including doors, hood and trunk, from ACM.

    The cockpit is quite possibly even nicer than the outside of the car. The rollcage design was very comprehensive, especially for a time attack car which are known to have the most flimsy weight saving cages around. Other small details like the flocked dash and carbon paneling made the interior feel like a properly completed cockpit rather than a good-enough racer.

    While the interior doesn’t have a whole lot going on, the pieces left around are all very nice. You can never go wrong with names like OMP and Sparco.

    I found the use of the switch panel to mount a few gauges rather curious. With the tachometer even further off to the right it began to remind me of a NASCAR dash.

    Strangely I think that the rearward view is actually even more interesting. In addition to more visually pleasing cage work there are several other occupants sitting just behind the driver, separated by a large piece of lexan, where a trunk and rear seat once resided.

    These spaces are now occupied by a fuel cell, a radiator and some massive ducting.

    Lest I forget there is also an oil sump back here for the lubrication setup which has removed the conventional pan in lieu of a dry sump unit.

    Rather than hacking a hole in the lid like many of the other cars I witnessed in Norway, Orjan has gone to great lengths to ensure his cooling system is fully functional and has grafted the largest naca duct I’ve ever seen into the roof.

    On the other side of the radiator there is a large opening between the wing uprights to expel the hot air, aided by a pair of puller fans for when the car is stationary.

    The engine setup is fairly straight forward: take a bulletproof Audi block and force feed as much air to it as possible. This seems to be a pretty popular concept among the Scandinavians and I think they’re on to something here, particularly in terms of bang-for-the-buck performance.

    Orjan built both the intake plenum and turbo manifold himself, another common theme at Gatebil. Perhaps this was the only way he could possibly squeeze the massive Precision turbo into the remaining open space in the engine cavity. With so many vital components in close quarters virtually all the hot items have been heat wrapped for a little extra security.

    Coming from the states where nearly every engine bay is littered with shiny bits that don’t necessarily make any power, it’s shocking to see such incredibly fast cars without much more than a single adjustable cam sprocket in sight.

    Here we can see part of the Peterson dry sump oil pump. While this might be one of the shinier components in the bay, this one is certainly not for looks. With the types of g-forces these Audi Quattros are able to create with their insane AWD system I’d say a dry sump is the only way to go, unless you like it when your engine goes boom.

    Safely located inside the cowl, rather than dangling over exposed wires, are the fluid reservoirs for the Tilton hydraulics. Properly executed indeed

    Seeing this car blew the lid off my definition of a time attack car. It is devastatingly Scandinavian and there is nothing about the car, the components attached to it or the way it has been assembled, that strikes me as being familiar territory for time attack cars in Japan, US or the rest of the world.

    Yet on all accounts it rightfully fits the bill. It’s a no-holds barred monster built with one purpose in mind – setting a hot lap. Despite the amount of awesome things we see as Speedhunters, it isn’t every day that I come across a car like this. Which probably explains why, despite the event being little more than a fuzzy dream, I can still feel the excitement I felt when I first spotted it.

    1992 Audi S2


    Turbocharged 2.2L Audi block; Cat cams; JE pistons; Pauter rods; Peterson drysump; homemade plenum and turbo manifold; Precision 62/65 turbo; rear mounted aluminum radiator with custom plumbing and ducting; rear mounted oil sump; fuel cell; Ferrita exhuast


    Standard 6-speed O1E gearbox with locked center (4wd); Tilton triple-plate clutch


    Full rollcage; Bilstein dampers; H&R springs; Selholm roll bars; homemade aluminum bushings and spherical bearings


    XYZ 6-piston / 4-piston calipers (front/rear), floating rotors; Tilton pedals; Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve


    18X10″ Zito wheels; Michelin 30/68-18 slicks


    OMP suede steering wheel; Sparco seats; SRS harnesses; carbon fiber door cards and panels; Autometer boost and oil pressure gauges; AEM wideband gauge; Maximum Performance tachometer;


    ACM widebody kit including hood, trunk, front fenders, rear fenders, side skirts, doors, front bumper, rear bumper, headlight block offs, front splitter; rear wing; Carbon Mods dive planes

    More stories by Sean Klingelhoefer on Speedhunters

    More stories from Gatebil on Speedhunters

    More car features on Speedhunters

    I think that Audi makes about 600hp.
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    8w9 sx/so

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