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    Default Some Background Talk About Ambient Noise

    I'm making a small study of ambient noise, the types of sounds that people find soothing or at least background and why. I'll have to do some searches to see if any studies have been done, but I suppose I had always tied the idea of background noise to its lack of strong pattern.

    Our minds are trained to focus and be roused on certain things, abrupt noises, sounds at certain pitches, repeating sounds. I seems that what we consider ambient avoids all these. There's also a learned component to what we consider ambient, like police sirens in the city, or the smoke detector needing a battery change in a P's room. .

    What's ambient to you, what is pleasantly ambient, what is surprisingly ambient? Any other additional ideas on the subject?

    Anymore I find the sound of people walking by my window, talking at 1 a.m. unobtrusive and even kind of pleasantly familiar.

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    I like natural sounds, like running water, rain, waves, and wind in the trees. Those are the most soothing to me. Birds too.

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