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    Default Grandparents = Phenomenon of evolution

    Do you think the role of grandparents in human society (that is, three generations alive at once) has had a significant impact on our evolution? And in what way?

    Humans are practically unique as a species in having grandparents who are involved in the lives of their grandchildren.

    Dr David Coall, from Edith Cowan University said: "Evolutionary perspectives on the post-reproductive years have highlighted grandparenthood as an unusual feature of the human lifespan that is only shared with one or two other species, such as some whale species.
    And it must mean not only surviving to see two or more younger generations, but being involved together with them as a society.
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    Maybe. Whenever I think of this I for some reason think of Native American tribes, or I guess one could say indigenous tribes with elders. It's almost as if the grand parents take upon that role. If you think about it the grandparents of the grandchildren (for the most part) have lived the lives the children will take within their particular society or culture. Of course with the advancement of civilization going at such a rapid pace their experience, one may say, might be "out of date" by the time the grandchildren take their step out into the real world. None the less there's probably universal truth that they have to teach. However, I don't think grandparents are perceived to be such elders of the modern world. Instead they're viewed as

    by much of society.

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    Yes. I mean, 100+ year old marine turtles may have grandchildren up to the shadow of their toes, but tough luck even recognizing one much less get involved.

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    Yeah, there is a long theoretical and practical explanation of such advantage in Jared Diamond's book "The Third Chimpanzee". Check it out.
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