I was lately digging a bit into the potential of optical data transfer and the depth this technology holds. If you think about scifi movies they often use some sort of "crystals" to show advancedness in electronics. I think this results from crystalline structures being the most "perfect" there are in nature and therefore authors of scifi stories want to create an impressioin by using them.

Disregardless of that, what do you think this technology holds in practical application ? I am thinking about a complete substitution of common electronics based on copper and silicium. For instance if you'ld take an acryl plate and carve a route in their maybe with a laser. You could then use that route to transmit ligth from one end to the other of the plate. By that you may be basically be able to substitute a majority of the data transfers which are not dependant on a current in a computer. This would drastically increase EMI compability and could with very small structures solve some problems resulting from induction.

When I have finished my cnc mill, I think it would be an intresting project to build an optical logic on an acryl plate.