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    Smile Artificial Photosynthesis

    Australia working with the rest of the world is getting close to artificial photosynthesis.

    Artificial photosynthesis wll provide us with contant supply of clean fuel, namely, oxygen and hydrogen.

    The units will be quite small, small enough to have one on every house.

    In other words the mass production of fuel will become passé.

    This will change society in ways we can only imagine. We will have no need to burn coal and oil, we will have no need for nuclear reactors, and we will have no need for nuclear fusion.

    This is very good news for poor countries, and good news for those who favour subsidiarity where society is organised by the smallest, lowest, or least centralised competent authority.

    And this is good news for Australia federated into a three tier polity.

    And Parliament has now made it plain we wish to move away from the polluting forms of energy generation. And so just yesterday we put a tax on all the polluters.

    And all we need is a new form of energy production. And artificial photosynthesis is the answer.

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    Interesting. I never knew anyone was developing artificial photosynthesis until you posted this. I hope it works. Most alternative energy sources aren't efficient enough to compete with oil and gas powered energy sources. It would be nice if it works (I hope it does), but I doubt it will work well enough to do what you claim. If it does, that would be great, though.

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