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    I've actually been using that manual. This is another good place:

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    You know Java? Most high level concepts like inheritance, object oriented-ness transfer over with little difficulty. Though because PHP is for the web, you *most likely* won't need to use these crazy architecture things most of the time. They only come into play when you start building complex software.

    Key things about PHP:
    Its executed on the server, not on the client.
    Variables start with '$'
    You don't have to declare them before using them like java. You can use them without declaring them. This can be a bit bad if you misspell the variable. You script will give errors but you won't know why is one of the best resources out there. Its got answers for everything.

    What is your end goal here? Maybe I can tell you which resource is best you use and how to best go about learning this language.

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    I'm thinking of learning PHP or another language for the web. I know some Java so it doesn't sound like it will be too hard.

    My goal (in the next few months) is to make an online survey and have it write the results to a text (csv) file so i can download, import and do data analysis.

    I also have to consider things like security though...

    I also like wordpress so learning PHP would be useful for that too...
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