I'm sure there are other threads like this, but I didn't have time this morning to hunt them up.

Anyway, my desktop is about 7 years old now and is making strange clinkey/clicky noises when it restarts. I'm not too worried yet, as I have a car to buy this year and I hate being in debt, but am gathering information for when I do end up buying a new computer.

I think that Macs are overpriced and I am much more familiar with PCs. On the other hand, it is nice with Macs to not worry about viruses. Last I knew Macs were also the best as far as running programs for photo/video editing (which I am beginning to get into) and for music (which I am very involved in and will be writing parts out etc frequently).

Is there still a big divide between Macs and PCs in this respect, or have things changed over the last few years?

Any advice?