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Thread: Need geek help!

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    Thanks for the suggestions! There are a couple of computer savvy peeps around, but they live about an hour away--but I will definitely ask them next time we're in the same room about option 2. Meanwhile, we're combing the house for a spare AC adapter that might work.

    Orionz, you're definitely right about the SPs...we'll fix that as soon as we can. I don't want to chance my laptop getting fried or anything.
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    One other method that pops up in my head apart from sending it off to specialists is this.

    If the drive is recognized in the bios, but is otherwise unaccessible. There are free software programs (like pcinspector ) out there that may still be able to reach the data on the disk. So if you manage to get that option 2 rolling, but find out that it still isn't accesible but the bios at least recognizes the drive, then that's one more option to try out. The bios won't register external harddrives but if the drive is put in a PC as a secundary internal drive it can, so it's like option 2-b.

    If the bios can't recognize the disk at all, then the only option left is send it off to a specialist, but like I said, they are costly, very costly.
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