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    I have bought the G2 ( think you call it that way ) for 280 euro ($400) and now use it with a prepaid card that works postpaid. I use whatsapp for messages and pay 7,90 euro ( 11 dollar ) for an 1 GB internetflat. I occasionally use the telephone and that leaves me with a monthly bill of 10 euro ($15). Thats worth gold, I'll never again do one of those 2 year contracts, they are just a rip off

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    My G1 is up for replacement, soon, and I at first thought I heard the G2 did not have the sliding keyboard (Used only the screen keyboard).Then, I recently saw one a friend had, and it was like "cool!"
    I want my next phone to have an OLED screen, though. T-Mobile doesn't have a wide selection of phones with them, but hopefully, when the merger with AT&T goes through, they will have something like that. I know several Samsungs I see people with might be like that.

    From what I see, on a 5th iPhone already, and whichever iPad the're up to now, Apple continues to avoid OLED.
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