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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    I'm intrigued by the link with promiscuity, though... because it had the opposite effect on me. Being more mature made me irritated with guys my age to the point that I pretty much gave up. And I guess I wasn't infantilized, at all, because I was a strong enough personality that the teachers didn't see that as a smart choice
    My libido is freaking crazy, but I made a pact with myself to not date anyone from school. There are very few guys who meet my standards for intelligence and maturity. Actually, there are few people at school at all who meet those standards.

    Especially with how stupid judgmental high school girls are about "EWWWW, SHE HAD SEX? SLUT!" Psh, sex is a fact of life. Women have clitorises and they like sex. It's little to do with "naughty" or "nice". If anything, I would think it's disrespectful to my own body to repress that drive.

    Teachers generally treat me like their own peers. Honestly, I'm better friends with the teachers than with most of my high school "friends". If you've peeked at my other posts, you'd know that there's one in particular I'm really attached to-- ESTP 1w2 SX. Pushy, no sense of personal boundary, really blatant in who he favors... alienates or intimidates most students but he's seriously my favoritest person ever.

    Anyway, we're treated like adults in his history class. The homework schedule is up to us. We can use cell phones (given that the context is appropriate). We don't sit in rows and do book work-- we actually discuss this shit and its relevance to society and politics today, e.g. Puritans and Sex. Yes, Puritan sex-- it's okay to talk about "hysterical paroxysms", or the flappers' response to Victorian ideals about sex, or sexually implicit advertising in the 1920's, or Alfred Kinsey, whatever.

    So I was far from infantilized in that class. My parents, though? That's a whole other story.

    "Don't let a boy touch you there." UHM?! Do they not think I know what a vagina is?

    Not allowed to use tampons for a while because of the family shame associated with a broken hymen (IT'S NOT EVEN THAT WIDE) but they gave up after they realized that it's my body and I'll shove things in it if I prefer it to a wad of diaper in my panties, thank you.

    Not allowed to talk to boys for a while, else my mom would stalk him (literally drive in a car following me where I went, going through my contacts to call my friends, etc.), until they realized that I really don't fucking get along with girls. They seriously thought I was pregnant with the fetus of errrryyyy guy I hung out with.

    Oh, but "If you like girls, you better die." Tell that to my lesbian prom date.

    Not supposed to masturbate or watch porn. UHM, I can't get STD's or from porn, dear. Fuck that.

    Oh, and never gave me the talk. Parent in denial move there.

    S'yeah, it's not even just sexuality. There's a very good reason I consider parents among the worst oppressors, and my teacher more or less filled in the guardian vacuum.

    Thank you for reading this one-sentence story-turned-novella.
    ISTP 3w2 SX/SO

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    The day before 4th grade....... AWKWARD. I started breaking out when I was 8.... so glad I am mostly over it now.

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    I started my period at 12.5 which is average. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and GAD.

    My ISFJ sister didn't start her period until she was 16, which may be why she was also freaked out by boys in high school...nothing to do with personality type...just strangely late puberty...and she is severely mentally ill (like if she doesn't take her meds people have to take care of her and she thinks there are cameras in doorknobs, very extreme things). She is schizoaffective. But you said late menarch is associated with autism? Not any sort of mental illness?

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