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This is going to seem really random but I'll tell you what I think, or at least, what happened to met last night.

I was dreaming and I went in this room with one of those comfy bean bags you can sit on, I was probably a kid in my dream as my hands were shorter than usually, and there was you, Mole, but as your avatar in my room.

The room stretched out before me like a Tom Petty music video, the one with Alice in Wonderland, and then you then came out of the picture, the mole in your avatar, and you looked at me and smiled, a smile so wide that it cracked your ears and squashed your eyes into a squint. You then proceeded to reach behind your back at which point you pulled out a hand sized pouch with a hemp rope around it, the kind that Robin Hood would fill with gold, and you said, "It's okay sometimes to smoke a little weed."

You rolled a fat blunt and you smoked it and then left the room marching and went somewhere, probably outside. The rest of your avatar was still there but the Mole was gone, or, if you prefer, you were out in the zone. I must say I was delighted that you were able to achieve such euphoria, even if it was only in my dreams.

I would say you do carry a certain panache-élan.
Fantasy is important. Science begins with fantasy in the form of hypotheses, tested by evidence and reason. And it is the marriage of fantasy and reality that gives birth to new understanding.

We can get trapped in fantasy repeating over and over again, and so we become entranced by fantasy and our critical mind never comes out to play.

It is our fantasy mind playing with our critical mind that creates new worlds out of the old.