My favourite is Sprocket. Do you know of any other Awesome robots?

[YOUTUBE="MZtxXp3qIOo"]Sprocket at Space 2007[/YOUTUBE]
[YOUTUBE="q9cDceXu8gk"]Sooby gets hit on by Sprocket the robot[/YOUTUBE]
[youtube="zBlOyFWafYw"]Sprocket the Real Estate Robot[/youtube]
[YOUTUBE="YnzDC0t2Zyo"]X-prize Sprocket the Autonomous robot[/YOUTUBE]
[YOUTUBE="TmZVnhDZI9U"]X-prize Sprocket the Autonomous robot slamming the Senate[/YOUTUBE]
[YOUTUBE="-QX75953e_8"]Sprocket in DC[/YOUTUBE]
[youtube="9JI6AhGWc04"]A Party robot that dances[/youtube]
[YOUTUBE="qebnnH2KrlA"]Sprocket on Regis KellyqebnnH2KrlA[/YOUTUBE]
[YOUTUBE="aY41YjX-PH4"]Sprocket helps say 'wish you were here'[/YOUTUBE]