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    Default Calling the Computer Savvy

    So, I would really like to learn more about computers in general (yes, very vague), but I really don't know where to start. So any ideas on where I should start would be most appreciated.

    But first, I have a more pressing matter at hand: I have lost a word file to temporary files. I am in an online Anatomy class, and downloaded a study guide. However, I forgot to save it to my login, and although I did remember to hit save a million times while working on this study guide.

    I have already looked in temp files, in depth, and I am not sure if I can actually do anything. I have also looked elsewhere. Seems to have disappeared. It was downloaded yesterday.
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    there are something called hidden files. google 'show hidden files windows' and then check the same spot where you saved it first. it may not be there anymore but its worth a try

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    Learn more about computers? Forums are a great place to start. Go to any forums related to computers... Windows forums, tech support forums, Linux forums... whatever. They're always a great place to learn and chat about technology.

    Regarding the word document... if you kept saving the file in your temporary folder and your browser is set to clear this upon exit... and you can't seem to find it anywhere... it's probably gone.

    However... you could try opening World and clicking on the File menu... there should be something in there that says "Recent Documents" or something like that. Perhaps it's under an "Open" submenu? If you're lucky, you could find it listed as one of your recent documents. If it is... click it and it should be able to re-open if it was not deleted.

    *edit* Woah... looks like this has been bumped a bit. Not sure if my post is still relevant to your interests...

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