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    Quote Originally Posted by raincrow007 View Post
    Wow, what a weird reaction -- I didn't identify with the woman at all really -- instead my brain jumped right to "How the hell could he let her bother him that much?" Or something like that.
    Oh... you mean piss him off enough to jump straight into such a drawn-out, coldly malicious, personal act of spite, instead of just leaving her or divorcing or something?

    Yeah. That's pretty lame.
    "Hey Capa -- We're only stardust." ~ "Sunshine"

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    fentanyl overdose would be cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuranes View Post
    The "lethal injection" was offered up as a more humane way to execute condemned criminals.
    IMO, a classic case of missing the forest for the trees.

    I wonder how often the authorities purposely went light on Step One so that the murderer received more "punishment" on the way out ?
    I would imagine it does happen as people seem predisposed to revenge therapy, but I can't guess as to the extent. I guess it depends on how stringent the protocols are for each jurisdiction.

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    Me personaly if i had the option to choose how i was going to go if i were to be executed it would be a single shot to the head so that whom ever shoots me has to live with seeing my face till the day he dies

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