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    Default Macbook Battery And Other Issues

    Okay, something really bizarre just happened...

    I had my brother's macbook cord in my computer. The cord just snapped, and my computer spontaneously shut down. I did manage to turn it back on, but now when I do there's a black X in the battery symbol and I know it can't mean that my battery's not working. It also says whenever I turn on the computer that the date is set before Jan. 1st 2008, even though when I check preferences it says I have the right date. It also seems to have forgotten my network preferences.

    My brother's mad at me for breaking his cord even though I didn't do a damn thing, and he tried to put the cord BACK IN MY COMPUTER even after what happened. What a moron.

    Help? WTF just happened?
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Make an appointment at a Genius Bar.... it's typically free.

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