i thought it was meth too... oh dear...

in other news, i like topology as well

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HOWEVER, in college I found myself fascinated by chemistry...and also it being a break from my liberal arts classes and that sort of thinking...and for my college math I had this wonderful professor from Russia, and apparently Soviet mathematicians actually approached math differently , something to do with being able to explore math as an art form rather than for strictly "useful" money-making purposes, and it made it SO MUCH EASIER for me to get it. It seemed like a more holistic approach, but I recall others, especially one guy in particular, dropping the class because they hated the way he taught and found it unnecessary and confusing. I'm convinced this style of teaching math is more palatable to people who have a more natural bent for the liberal arts.
ooh, excellent! i wonder what their system is like. i had an excellent college math prof who made it much more interesting than ever - he engaged us in games, taught us tricky statistical applications, and generally made us think of math in relation to "smart" things. i particularly liked learning the babylonian number system. it was an excellent class overall.