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    Default my computers been through a lot

    but I wished it stop deleting programs on me, let me restart with out having to hold the power button down, and my dvd rom drive would write, and read discs. (it sometimes reads disc's but sometime's it's like fuck you! so over christmas I'm going to wipe my hardrive and reinstall the OS, I don;t think I can fix the dvd drive without just replacing it. I'm not ready for a new computer I've had this computer for 5 years, please please please don't make it so I need a new computer
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    5 years is quite old for a computer. If you can afford it, I'd advise getting a replacement.

    As for your computer deleting programs on you, have you checked to make sure your computer doesn't have a virus that's causing the programs to be deleted? Are you maxed out on your memory so that everytime you add something to your hard drive, it has to delete something to make room for it?
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