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    Default Windows Live Movie Maker editing

    I've been trying to screw around the last month with Windows Live Movie Maker, just really editing videos of shows or movies to make clips or create slideshows. What I'm having trouble with is taking multiple clips of one file and putting them together.

    For instance, I tried taking 2 seperate 2 minute parts of a video and merging them, which I really did by cutting it out, saving it as a movie, then merging the two. The end result was a movie zoomed out twice, so it came out like this:

    [YOUTUBE=""]Trial run[/YOUTUBE]

    I know it has to do with the resolution of the original file. I used the save as 720p for each file, and it ended up like that. The original file is 624x352. Any ideas to start to make this not messed up when I try it?

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    Don't know anything about Live Movie Maker but if the character Abed, solely by that clip, isn't an INTx (probably a J), I'd be surprised! Good idea to track by cycle.

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    Movie Maker is limited in functionality. There are only two resolution options: 4:3 and 16:9.
    Go to: Tools-->Options... to tweak it.

    You might try VideoPad Video Editor. It's free, lightweight, and allows you to set custom resolution specs. (Google it.)

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