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Thread: Drawing tablets

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    Default Drawing tablets

    Not sure if I have to make this thread in the Technology section or in the Art one

    So I've got a drawing tablet. Not the known Wacom one, the brand is Trust, a brand I've never heard of before. For the same price I could get a Wacom one of one-sixth the size... and if a drawing tablet is of any use, it should be bigger than a touchpad. (Of course, I could get a big Wacom one too, but that one was really expensive) So I chose the Trust one, a bit unsure about how it would work. The seller told me the standard painting program (sold together with the tablet) couldn't work with layers... I feared a bit I would have to buy some fancy painting program too if I wanted to work with layers AND use the pressure sensitivity of the painting tablet.

    It turned out the thing works together with the FREE drawing program Gimp I was using anyway and can do everything I want (layers, straight lines, pressure dependence which can be put on and off). So my advice for every artist out there wanting to use a tablet but with a not too big budget... spend it all on the tablet to get a big and sensitive one and none on the drawing program.

    What's your experience with tablets?
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    I'm a digital artist, so I almost exclusively use my tablet. I own a wacom, I think it's the medium-sized one they offer. I bought it two years ago for about 370 dollars(?). It's really been worth it. I suggest people who are serious about this sort of thing to put money down on a good one. So far I've never had any technical difficulties with wacom, I hope it lasts a long time, if it doesn't, I'll probably buy another one.

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    I bought a Wacom tablet, returned it the same day. Every shape I attempted to make became a long, narrow oval. There seemed to be no match between the image I drew on the paper and the image on the screen. It was sad. I wonder if it was me.
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