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    Default Medical journals are just shameless shills for drug companies

    According to this guy:

    PLoS Medicine: Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies

    Examples of Methods for Pharmaceutical Companies to Get the Results They Want from Clinical Trials

    • Conduct a trial of your drug against a treatment known to be inferior.
    • Trial your drugs against too low a dose of a competitor drug.
    • Conduct a trial of your drug against too high a dose of a competitor drug (making your drug seem less toxic).
    • Conduct trials that are too small to show differences from competitor drugs.
    • Use multiple endpoints in the trial and select for publication those that give favourable results.
    • Do multicentre trials and select for publication results from centres that are favourable.
    • Conduct subgroup analyses and select for publication those that are favourable.
    • Present results that are most likely to impress—for example, reduction in relative rather than absolute risk.
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    Excellent discussion. Of course there are related biases with regards to public health research (pro-vaccination for example), the psychiatric industry who seem to ignore the fact that their research is inherently subject to placebo response etc.

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