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    Quote Originally Posted by ubiquitous1 View Post
    I think I understand what you are saying, but triple integrals are still used to find a volume.

    V=∫∫∫ dz dy dx

    Where the limits of integration for z are 0 to 1-y, limits for y are 0 to 1 and finally limits of x are 0 to 2.

    I miss Calculus
    That's how we used to do it, too, although it's conceptually rather primitive.
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    How you approach it depends on what you are solving. For A(h)=pi*h^2 (ie. a form of cone), you wouldn't need to perform a triple integral to find the volume. If you work it from basics it is a triple integral though, because the area came from integration over r and theta, then setting r=h.

    So triple integrals are used to find volume from scratch, but are not always a necessary step if you recognise how the cross-sectional area behaves. That was the formula onemoretime had, which may or may not be useful depending on what needs to be solved.
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