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    Question Why/How could a beeper go off without batteries?

    My mom has this story where she and my step-father were watching home movies of my deceased grandfather, when this beeper they found a year or two prior (which they kept for absolutely no reason) began to beep, without any power supply. They checked it and it had no battery when she opened it up, hadn't been used in forever probably. She said it went off a couple more times when they put it back while they were watching those videos. They also found this beeper on/in the ground at the place I used to live at from 1995-1999. My mom believes it was my grandfather, but I'm wondering why and how exactly it could have gone off on its own.

    This is of course if the story told by my mom is what happened exactly.

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    Ghosts of the spirit realm enpowered the device with electricity using a spectral footprint of the local aurasphere, which was likely in a rising of venus as the galactic planosphere aligned with that of our neighboring universe, also known as the negaverse, which incidently is composed entirely of dark soul energies utilized by scientologists in their efforts to ressurect xeno the blood god to our realm.

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    Residual memory dellusion.

    God knows how many times I heard my phone ringing, loudly, and truely believed it was ringing. Even though it wasn't ringing at all. Since I have to keep my phone on me however for work 24/7, it's always on my mind, if not consciously, then subconsciously, and I regularly think about where I have my phone and if I didn't put it away somewhere accidentally (sensotardedness). Sometimes (prolly about 4-5 times a week) this results in hearing it ring without it actually ringing.

    If I had to guess, this is what happened to your mother. She was probably thinking subconsciously about it and recalled the memory of the beeper going off.

    When I was a young teen and had someone sleep over, we had my tv on and the tv was on a sleep timer to turn off. Which the person didn't know, it happened to coincide around the time he wanted to turn the tv off and he was convinced that he did it telepathically. I didn't tell him the truth at the time because I was sleepy and coudn't be arsed. The next morning I figured it would be cool not to tell him at all as he will no doubt attempt it again with tv's thousands of times more, judging from his excitement.

    So I ended up never telling him.

    I'm kinda evil, sometimes. >.>
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