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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post

    Yeah. No. It's not that interesting. The differences are overstated. The variances between individuals are greater than the variances between the sexes. People get really excited about the findings of one study or other, and then another 2 or 3 are done which invalidate the original findings.
    The differences are overstated but they are still there, I think it would be interesting to know what the exact differences are and how they affect the perception of the sexes. Scientists make mistakes which is the whole point of communicating results, perhaps one day we'll actually find the factual difference between the sexes and see how that shapes their lives.
    Johari/Nohari wall! Thanks in advance for filling it out.

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    inb4 storm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by paradigm-shift View Post

    The way friendships are forged and maintained also differs between male and female. Men expect competition in companionship. They avoid communicating weakness and vulnerability as well as personal and emotional concerns. For women there is little to no problems with communicating weakness and vulnerability, even seeking out friendships during hardships. For this reason one could say that women are emotionally closer to their friends than men are.

    Women tend to value and bond with their friends for listening and responding non-critically, showing support and offering comfort. On the other hand, men grow closer to each other by doing activities with each other, or doing each other favors. Young boys at school will play more vigorously, and occupy more space in their play area, than girls. Girls will opt for more sedentary games, and girls are more likely to accept a new classmate to their group, whereas a new boy will have to demonstrate his usefulness to the group.
    Usually, I wonder how much of this might actually just be socialisation rather than an innate evolutionary behaviour.

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    I tend to refrain from these sort of threads, but making a few comments would not hurt.

    Before making any comments I would like to praise the Paradigm-Shift for maintaining that these observations are averages and not representative of individuals. From my personal experience, most would have rushed into the points would putting a disclaimer in the exordium of the post.

    I do however, have a few comments. First off, the right brain from my understanding of it is not the centre of "creativity". It is, from the research I have read, typically the centre of "holistic" thought; also the left brain is said to typically take a "reductionist" approach to reasoning. It has been found by some research that some creative minds "mimic" schizophrenia. And an interesting theory about schizophrenia is that it may be more common in individuals whose brains do not have a very pronounced "dominance" in one of the two sides. Given that the majority of people seem to be "left brained", my theory is that in such individuals, when their right hemisphere is stimulated might exhibit a "surge" in creative thought. That being said I believe that someone can be creative even when devoid of such conditions, the brain and mind are irrefutably complex, so perhaps it is the best interest of science and philosophy to approach such issues tentatively. Science may never find them, but there can be exceptions to the "rules".

    Now I have comments on the points you mentioned.

    10: I personally believe that I do not possess a great deal of spatial ability in the sense mentioned in this point. From what I have observed, I typically use landmarks and milestones to find my way around and to refer to points of time respectively. I sometimes encounter difficulty when someone tries to describe directions without landmarks. And I have observed that most people also rely on landmarks as well. On tests involving 3D rotation I have seen that I score pretty low and that there are many females who surpass my scores in that area.

    Also with regard to multitasking, I do not usually have a problem with it.

    09: I am better at verbal and linguistic tests than on tests of geometry. I was at the top of my English classes. While I do not encounter difficulties in algebra, geometrical problems can sometimes be difficult for me to grasp my head around; which is one of the reasons I believe I am so abysmal in Mechanics as many of the problems entail geometry which can sometimes addle me.

    Also, from what I have read, that processing difference is more complicated than that. Some women process language in one hemisphere only, likewise it is probable that there are men that process it in both hemispheres. Also some who processed language in one hemisphere did so in the right and not the left. I believe that in some the hemisphere used changed, however, my recollection of that study is sketchy.

    Also Language usage is dependent on an individual's own language usage. Is it possible that someone who usages language more frequently, such as people who "think" verbally, would develop a brain more suited to using language?

    05: I have a great deal of pain sensitivity. More so than most people I know, male and female. And a lot of those people tend to think I am overreacting to the injury. I am not very sure of my pain threshold though.

    04: I tend to relate more to how females communicate than how males communicate. I remember a list on the general patterns of "female" against "male" communication. And the only points I did not really relate to was the point regarding the number of topics as that factor depends heavily on situation factors, such what "read" I am getting off of the person.

    I also put a lot of emphasis on communication in comparison to a a lot of people. I am sort of "overly" passionate about communication. I tend to become disconcerted and irked with a great number of people because they do not pay enough attention to the message they are sending and seem to ignore both the paraverbal and nonverbal elements of communication and the "power" they can possess.

    02: I do not relate to this bit on friendships at all. I can perhaps elaborate further on this point, but for now I would just remain terse about it.

    Bonus: Once during a class, we did an experiment like this except with one minute not at such small intervals. I ended up being the last to raise my hand to say the minute was up.

    I do not think that I have any anecdotes or musings to divulge for the rest of points.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serge View Post
    The list is a generalization of the traits of a "female" brain and a "male" brain. From what I've read, some scientist think that males can have a female brain and vice versa.
    I have heard this as well. It is the basis for the BBC test that is somewhat popular. I believe that there was also a documentary produced on the topic by the BBC on the work of John Manning. From what I understand of the theory whether one possesses a "male" or "female" brain can be determined by the 2d:4d ratio.

    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Visual-spatial tests constantly say that I'm a man with engineering/architectural experience, so... that's how I compare.

    Seriously, lists like this make me question my gender identity.
    At the end of the day everyone is an individual, so I try my best to remember that whenever reading anything to do with psychology. Gender and biological sex are not things that are important to me anyways. A human being is more complicated than a list of averages or the summation of labels that may be applied to them. And even should a label be important to someone, I think said person should try to define that label subjective to who they are and what that label means to them, rather than let others define the labels for them
    The MBTI is a tool to help you on your self discovery. It nor any other the label can ever hope to describe you, because you are are unique and special, we all are. Any comments made regarding a group of people should be considered to be general and not ubiquitous; and no one should lose of sight of that. . Do not stereotype other people or yourself for that matter, but generalise if you must when a general example or pattern is required. And if you took the time to read this thank you

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    I wonder, what's the difference between the way males talk about relationships, and the way females do? I don't have experience (of course) with girl-to-girl discussions about boyfriends, guys, relationships, etc.; I do have a good number of friends that don't seem to have a problem discussing their relationships, asking for advice, etc - yet perhaps there's a difference which I cannt grasp, since I've never witnessed a different mode of exchange?
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    Hello, I'm skeptical.
    But seriously there are the obvious biological differences, but the rest seems due to socialization. I always take these studies with a grain of salt. Tasty but not a whole lot of substance, bit like popcorn.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Seriously, lists like this make me question my gender identity.
    I think this is why our concepts of gender should resist appeals to stereotyping.

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