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    Default Free Podcasts

    Does anyone know of or can you recommend any really good free podcasts?

    My favourite ones at the moment are the BBC's Desert Island Discs, Philosophy Bites (this is where I get a lot of my recommended reads in a round about way because I listen to people and think I might want to know more about their views) and the classic old time radio horror podcasts, they started to do not just radio shows but films lately, they had the original and best black and white I Am Legend, only it was called Last Man, and the earliest but colour Night Of The Living Dead.

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    These are the podcasts I watch or listen to on a regular basis:

    - Al Jazeera Fault Lines
    - Best of YouTube
    - ill doctrine
    - NOVA scienceNOW
    - NPR Live Concerts from All Songs Considered Podcast
    - NPR: Wait wait... don't tell me! Podcast
    - Sound Opinions

    And when school's in session and I don't have a TV, I watch these:
    - Al Jazeera Riz Khan
    - Fareed Zakaria GPS
    ... in order to know what's going on in the world.

    And I really recommend pretty much all the NPR ones and all the Al Jazeera ones.

    Also I'd recommend looking up your favorite TV shows in the iTunes Podcast section. I did that once and found all this behind-the-scenes stuff about "Dexter". It's great - hours and hours of behind the scenes features, and maybe ten episodes are dedicated to an actual blood splatter analyst explaining the differences between splatters and what each one means. Cool stuff!
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    My husband loves Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! He listens to a lot of current events and brainy stuff. His list would probably be better for this than mine, because I like fluffy stuff to keep be distracted while I do house and yard work. I listen to a lot of free fantasy/sci-fi serial podcast novels:

    Seventh Son is a good sci-fi trilogy.

    Scott Siglar does some good sci-fi/horror. He's a very entertaining narrator.

    Nathan Lowell has a sci-fi series out and has started a new fantasy series. I've liked everything he's done so far.

    Mur Lafferty's Heaven series is good and so is her super hero novel, Playing for Keeps.

    Actually, if you are looking for fiction/audio drama, you might want to check winners and runners up for the Parsec Awards. Those are usually good.
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    Are you looking for science or tech related ones specifically? If not, here's a link to another thread with recommendations.
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