My HTC Touch Pro 2 has been my latest obsession. I can't seem to get enough of scouring forums for more information about it and customizing it. I'm running Windows Mobile 6.5 on a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2. Originally, I was carrying around a Samsung Gravity, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. I got tired of carrying 3 devices, so I walked in T-Mobile and saw a device that combines all 3.

I've installed a custom third party ROM on it that updates many features including the graphical interface to versions nearly identical to the HD2 and Evo. I don't know what I did without this phone. It's fully customizable, plays movies, music, internet access, fully functional GPS, full instant messaging, has ms office, plus I've found a massively detailed weather application.

I chose this over the HD2 because of the slide keyboard. I'm attached to slide keyboards. On-screen ones just weird me out. I'm going to love having this thing in school in a month