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    Default Need help with a record player

    I have a Pioneer PL 115D record player from 1971-1972 aproximately, and I'm trying to get it hooked up again. It is hooked up to a much more modern receiver (i.e. 15-20 years old, has CD player input), although we still have the receiver that came with the player and it still works. It's my dads and I am new to record players as I have grown up with CDs and iPods. Basically, I keep fixing things and finding new problems, but it's very close to working!

    At first it didn't work cause the belt drive was broken, but I've replaced it so it is spinning now. The issue is that the second music starts playing, the needle goes up and the whole thing stops. Sometimes the receiver even turns off!

    The player has a "Return Button" that, in the words of the manuel is to "stop playback before the end of a record... tonearm returns automatically to the arm rest and the power is switched off." So evidently, the issue is related to this Return Button.

    Does anyone know how to set up an old record player, and how to fix it so this does not happen?

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    The return button is related to, but probably not the cause of your problem, and since it does begin to play the record, it's probably not a velocity switch problem. I suggest reading this:

    Turntable Forum :: View topic - Pioneer pl 115d auto return

    If it doesn't help, at least the are people there own, or at least know about the Pioneer PL 115D, so they may be able to walk you through some ideas - I never owned that specific model.
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    Thank you very much. That is fairly helpful in understanding how the model operates, and I've now posted my own thread there with my specific problem. If anyone else here knows anything about how the Reutnr Button functions and what may cause a problem like this, please help! Thanks!

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    (1) If your receiver does not have a phono input, then you need a phon pre-amp. Otherwise your signal will be crap.

    Behringer MICROPHONO PP400 Ultra-Compact Phono Preamp in Turntable Accessories at

    (2) If your needle is jacking up like that, have you tried to counterbalance it with the controls at the back of the control arm? There are usually circular weights/controls that you can dial in the upward/downward pressure of the needle on the record. For scratching/club DJ mixing these weights are usually setup to be quite on the heavy side, so the needle stays in the groove and does not jump when the DJ pulls off a backspin or other technique.

    There is a possibility that your auto-return function is automatically engaging because there is insufficient downward pressure on the tone arm, so once it goes upward just a bit, the auto-return engages and you are stuck.

    Please let me know if this advice helps you. I have Technics 1210 MKiis but the principles between turntables are fairly general, so I hope my advice works for you.


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    Or you could let someone else do the dirty work. Type "rapidshare. [artist] [album-title]" into google and save yourself 45 minutes of bother.

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