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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Yeah, I did. But is morphine the only thing they'll give you?
    I'll check with him next time we chat. But I believe after the operation it was only morphine yeah. The actual anesthetic to induce his coma , during operation, was different though.

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    Friend of mine got Opium pills, as painkillers, after surgery. It contains a lot of psychoactive substances (including morphine and codeine), and might be capable of causing hallucinations as a side effect. I'm not sure, but my friend didn't have them.

    As for hallucinations causing you to want to kill yourself. The human psyche/neurology is incredibly complex. My experience with hallucinations is that they are an extension and an enforcement of your mood rather than the cause of it.
    I think something else could be causing a depression (serotonin deficiency due to medicines, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome etc.), which is made stronger by the hallucinations.

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    My Dad had very traumatic hallucinations with morphine after bowel surgery ... he relived some graphic epsiodes from his life and they seemed incredibly real to him. It took several days for this to abate. So graphic and frightening were the dreams that it brought him to tears ... he didn't want to sleep in case he would dream them again.

    I had demerol after surgery and experienced very life-like hallucinations ... although mine weren't frightening as his were, they seemed incredibly real. As real as real-life.

    Are you having hallucinations, OWS?
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