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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
    What the internet knows about you.

    Shocked? I was, even though I already knew it was possible and fairly easy to trace someone's browsing behaviour if you really wanted to bother, this is the first time I read that it's possible for any site to check what your browsing history is. I now set my firefox to delete browsing history every time I close the program. I also disabled the 'visited links' option, and just for the occasional emergency I installed videlia's TOR & Torbutton (though I'll keep it disabled most of the time).

    Congratulations, we did not find anything in this category in your browser history.
    Feel free to try our other browser history tests.

    ^^ That's what i get. not surprisingly. I always disable all the history/tracking on my browsers before i use them. And if i am using a public computer, i do the same before i log in. It takes less than a miniute(once you know the settings) and saves a lot of trouble.

    Furthermore, there is yet another thing one can do to protect yourself in firefox. Disable the dropdown/intelligent prediction built into the firefox bookmarks.

    whenever you start typing something into the firefox url bar, by default it will start to sort through your saved bookmarks(displaying them in a drop down list). if you do not want someone who is sitting next to youl to view whats in your bookmarks, disable this option.

    And yep. As Shimmy posted, Tor is good. its almost impossible to crack as its onion routing. i use the built in add on for tor, with Firefox. Ive checked it on forums, and it displays me as from a different country; for every post i

    but then again; for most people Tor its overkill though.
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    It knows I've been to a porn site .


    How do I stop this thing knowing that?

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    So basically it shows me things that anyone who looked at my dropdown bar could find out?

    I'm not worried.

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    haha!! ming...just clear your browsing history.
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