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Don't get me wrong, I'm inclined to agree with you and "the universe makes sense" is probably most my fundamental assumption. But, I understand his perspective.
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And for this assumption we owe religion.
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You are mistaken.
Jonny's right; victor has it reversed.

The brain is built to take vast quantities of seemingly irrelevant and useless information, then process it into something coherent.

Yeur brain MAKES things make sense, whether they do or not.

Not only does it not need religion to do that, it's this very thing which MADE religion. Even *IF* we're created from god or whotever, the fact is that we fit a bunch of other crap together to try to explain stuff using that as a basis. The whole adam and eve thing is unlikely to be true, and is just a myth, but we go with it anyway because "it made sense".

Religion exists "because it makes sense". The assumption that the universe will make sense is just an extension of that as well. It won't necessarily occur at all, we just hope it will, and will try our damnedest to force it to make sense, if we have to use a hammer and some very creative "logic" to make it bend into that shape, regardless of reality.