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Thread: Esurfers

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    Not only are we the best surfers in the world but we surf the waves to generate clean green electricity as well. We are esurfers. Just click on -

    YouTube - Australian firm leading wave energy tech

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    That's impressive.

    I would have said that we use the surf for business and pleasure. It fits in quite nicely with our global image too, I can see this kicking off really soon.

    There was another kind of renewable energy that I've always liked the idea of, it has something to do with geothermal energy. I'll see what I can find about it.

    Geothermal power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Geothermal power in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Funnily enough, I've accidently found a wiki page on this detailing one such geothermal power facility in Australia. Sounds like we're doing quite well.
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