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I'm betting it'll get blamed on the terrible genetic unraveling that occurred when (Wo)Man Fell in the Garden of Eden. (That tends to be the catch-all for all deviations from the projected Moral Ideal.) But I digress...
I'm willing to bet that it will be a combination of;

1) It's a disease - a challenge for us to overcome, just like all other diseases.

2) It's a test of faith. Those that have it need to make the right choice.


This one topic (not the one in the OP, but the effects of science vs religion and so forth) pisses me off a huge amount. I could write pages and pages of rants...

Anyway, changing how we register phermones is like changing the association of hotdogs = high calories = taste good. It's not a 'cure'... there is nothing to cure because it is a built in system for humans. It's about as much of a cure as having a guy dress up as a girl and finding out guys are attracted to the 'girl'.