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Thread: RF and Autism?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GemPOPGem View Post
    I'm interested in an entirely different theory. Autism has risen by approx 600% in the last 20 years. You can account for prehaps a 100-200% increase due to diagnosis becomming easier to access, the range of ASD that is now being diagnosed and the fact that many people are more willing to get diagnosis for themselves or children.
    So we are left with a huge unaccountable dramatic increase. I lean towards the theory of evolution of mind. That the autistic brain is one of a higher concience, a more highly evolved brain design. Yes many people may scorn me or argue that it's a disibility but i do believe the theory.
    Could it be more that in earlier times there was less support for the autistic so they had a worse outlook and were less likely to keep whatever caused it in the gene pool (if it is genetic)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    autism caused by interference of EMR and the fetus and cancer caused by EMR. I can see both of these as being directly related to the increase in cellphone use

    Controlled exposure to magnetic fields has already been proven to stimulate parts of the brain
    We humans seem to do lots of things, we're not fully sure of the consequences for. i.e. Triclosan. It's in just about every damn thing you can imagine, that says "anti-bacterial."

    They put it in all kinds of deoderant. It's taken years to get the FDA to take a look at it.

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