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    I also dont know about the best one but i can suggest u the Sony, why can;t u try it? As it is very good in quality and gives clarity also. Just search online i think u can find more for the price u want.

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    I really liked my CoolPix before it got stolen... it even took clear pictures out the windows of moving cars!

    I liked the fact that it was small enough to slip in my back pocket or in my purse without causing problems and that it really DID take good pictures! I remember standing up on the banks of the river and looking down at some grass with frozen water droplets on the edge of the river- I considered sliding down and taking a pic of them but decided instead to try out the zoom (I didn't want to end up IN the river was the main reason )... I ended up getting a great picture of them from about 10 feet away! That kind of sold me on that camera- I'll be getting another model soon

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