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    Default So I'm reading this article on CNN, and I see MIND CONTROLLED TECHNOLOGY. Seriously!!

    Is the 'Avatar' concept really possible? -

    The part where they've got the monkey controlling the robot monkey by thought almost gave me a boner thinking about videogames in the near future. I really can't wait to see what's coming out.

    Now, if you had access to this, what would you make?

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    Hahaha, I can imagine some kind of robot wars using nothing but a flat surface and a few robots controlled by your mind. If it could communicate nerve like signals, perhaps these things would feel like an extension of ourselves. I imagine some people might enjoy having extra robotic limbs, and it might be incredibly useful as a replacement for our lack of evolution. Technology will eventually replace Biology, but along the way, it would be profitable to combine them.

    There are limitless applications for this, the question is, which are actually useful and worth the effort spent? Communicating your thoughts with others could be incredibly useful in the military, provided that you couldn't intercept those thoughts. Or possibly controlling bomb disposal robots using your mind.
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