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    Default Book referrals : Brushing up on the Basics

    I want to re-learn about chemistry and matters concerning electricity and magnetism, etc. Any books that are effective in said areas?
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    Don't know which books. I can give you a start on the basics though.


    Kirchoff's Laws
    - Sum of voltage around any closed path adds to zero. (or sum of the voltages between any two points adds to the difference between them)
    - Current into a node(intersection/point)=Current out of it (otherwise charge would build up at that point)

    Electricity is driven by an electric field or a difference in potential between two points. Voltage is defined as the potential difference. Current is the rate at which charge flows.

    There are also good methods for solving simple circuits like nodal analysis and mesh analysis. These just involve calculating the current into each node or the voltage across each section, then solving simultaneous equations for the relevant Kirchoff Law.

    Other things to know: V=IR, I=C dV/dt, V=L dI/dt (Laplace transforms are useful to learn)

    Magnetism and Electric Fields

    Maxwell's Equations
    Gauss's Law: Sum of Electric Flux through a closed surface=sum of the charge enclosed by it/permittivity (Flux is a measure of Field x Area)
    Gauss's Magnetism Law: Sum of Magnetic flux through a closed surface = 0 (this is not completely true, but unless you are dealing with magnetic monopoles which were only just found experimentally, it's good enough)
    Faraday's law of induction:
    AmpŔre's circuital law:

    tiredness... will continue later when brain returns (if I remember).
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    Chemistry is not one of my strong points.

    When my limited exposure it was preferential to a really old chemistry book with a preference to practical applications and experiments over theory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noigmn View Post
    I'm impressed that you gave a decent summary (of electrostatics at least) with minimal use of calculus...and no use of multi-variable calculus.

    Care to give an Electricity an Magnetism tutorial in Physics Enthusiast group?

    I can augment with math tutorials of vector/scalar fields, gradient, divergence, curl, etc., unless you are Faraday-like enough to avoid most of the math.

    Which reminds me...

    Quote Originally Posted by Thursday View Post
    Any books that are effective in said areas?
    Faraday's Chemical History of a Candle is highly recommended by many. I bought it recently, and when I have the time, I plan to read it.

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