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    I am told there are no more unbaptised babies in Limbo. But are there Neanderthals in heaven?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I am told there are no more unbaptised babies in Limbo. But are there Neanderthals in heaven?
    That question comes down to whether or not God considers Neanderthals humans.

    If so, then there must be Neanderthals in heaven, because many a (often hypocritical) Sunday school teacher has stated that God forgives serial killers, rapists, and other violent (Cro Magnon) humans if they accept him as their savior before their death.

    Furthermore, as for the humans that lived before God (allegedly) came down to Earth, was crucified for our sins, and died for the purpose of giving us a chance for eternal life in heaven with Him, how were they saved? Well, other (often hypocritical) Sunday school teachers have stated those folks get a "hall pass" and are in heaven under some sort of ex-post-facto provision.

    So, as long as God considers Neanderthals human, then they are (allegedly) saved if His (often hypocritical) Sunday school teachers) here on Earth are relaying his teachings accurately.

    Other Sunday school commentary to be aware of, Victor, is that God is most certainly not tolerant of eccentric Australians that attempt to hijack threads by quoting obtuse details of the implementation of His great works. Such individuals are said to be cast down into the deepest depths of hell to be beaten by the spirits of Aborigines and koala bears for all eternity.

    I hope you've found sufficient answer to your inquiry if it was one of genuine interest. And if your comment was one of impure intent, then I hope you choose to use your future free time by copulating with kangaroos instead of trolling the Interwebs.
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