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    Somebody show me the EEG report identifying precisely which sections of the parietal are tickled by lolcats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    You don't want to know what the worst part is, then.

    I'm only AWARE that I lack social skills because I compare myself to people on the web, and gained what few I have through it. How sad is that?
    OK Athenian, when you say, "How sad is that?", you are not expressing sadness.

    I would be happier if you were to express sadness because sadness is an emotion that leads on to motion, that leads on to emotion, that leads on to motion, and so on.

    Really when you ask, "How sad is that?", you are asking for pity. And for some reason I find it hard to pity you. Rather I feel annoyed at you. And I feel annoyed at you because it blocks me and it blocks you. And having reached this block, I feel frustrated.

    And for you it is a genuine block. On the other hand you have a very good mind and you are able to think about it; and even more important you are able to tell us about it.

    You are able to share your block with us. And yes, it is painful and annoying and frustrating and shared.

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