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    Quote Originally Posted by ptgatsby View Post
    university)... However, it has been shown that relative lengths actually are pretty powerful indicators for quite a few things, as strange as it seems.
    Such as?

    My Left Hand -
    Index - 6.8 cm
    Middle - 7.8 cm
    Ring - 6.9 cm

    My Right Hand -
    Index - 6.7 cm
    Middle - 7.7 cm
    Ring - 7.1 cm

    I find it quirky (or maybe it's fairly common?) that my right hand is pretty different from my left. Although, makes sense face isn't absolutely symmetrical either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascademn View Post
    Such as?
    I recommend searching for 2d:4d in google, but regardless, wikipedia has a snapshot;

    Digit ratio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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